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    A Comprehensive Guide - What is hybrid mobile app development

    Last updated on 18 Jan 2022

    What is mobile app and mobile app statistics?

    Mobile App- A mobile application is a category of software which is constructed to run on a mobile device as commonly called as apps. This mobile app runs on smartphone and tablets. Mobile Apps are independent software with limited number of features & functions. At present, Apple and Goggle are two most popular and demanded app developer platforms.

    What is meant by hybrid mobile app development

    Mobile Statistics - Mobile and mobile app with best and most useful features are running the world. Every human from 2-year kid to an 80-year-old grandmother are fascinated with smartphones and mobile apps.

    That’s the reason mobile industries are growing rapidly like anything and will continue to grow with 3X in coming days. Let’s witness the number and usage of mobile app till this year below-

    • According to studies, the usage of mobile app increased by 76% after the year 2014.
    • 30% people says that, there mobile phone is the first thing they see after waking up and before sleeping.
    • An average mobile user uses 6-7 mobile apps daily.
    • 60% of apps are opened only 10 times after downloaded.

    types of mobile app

    Basically there are three types of mobile app development 1) Hybrid mobile app development 2) Native Mobile App Development 3) Web Based Mobile App Development. In this article we are going to know complete guidance regarding What is hybrid mobile app development

    What is hybrid mobile app development?

    Hybrid mobile apps are the mobile applications that are downloaded on mobile device, as like all other mobile app.

    A hybrid app is a software application that is the combination of elements from native applications and Web applications. It is majorly a mobile app wrapped in the shell of native mobile app. 

    What distinguishes them is the certainty that hybrid app has some of its elements from native apps which is an application that develop app for a specific platform such as iOS or Android and also have some of its elements from web apps which a website that performs like apps but cannot be installed on a mobile device and is accessed by Internet through a browser.

    Hybrid apps one of the best mobile app development technology which are available on app stores, which can access hardware on the phone, and are downloaded on mobile devices.

    Advantage of Hybrid mobile app development-

    Hybrid apps offer a range of advantages such as:

    Advantage of Hybrid mobile app development

    1) Reuse the codes - The developers of hybrid app write the code once and utilize it across all mobile platforms.  Thus, hybrid app is providing user with supple development experience.

    2) Reduces time and costs - As hybrid app write the code once and use over multiple platforms, which ultimately reduces development time and development costs.

    3) Finding resources - The applications of android and iOS are developed using programming language such as: Objective-C or Swift for iOS and Java for Android. Hybrid apps make use of programming languages which are frequently used by web developers that is - HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Hence, making resources finding of hybrid app easier.

    4) Maintenance - Because hybrid apps have single code base maintaining the development of mobile app becomes much comfortable, faster and easier.

    5) Cross-platform compatibility - Hybrid app frameworks permit its developers to utilize its regular codebase over both Android and iOS devices.

    Disadvantage of hybrid mobile app development

    1) Performance - Native apps development is specific to single platform, hence is optimized for maximum performance. Hybrid apps is dependent on a third-party platform for operations, thus adding extra layer which do results in slower performance.

    2) Test Complexity - Hybrid apps share many similar codes between platforms. It uses some native codes to get the hardware supports. Depending on the developer’s project, this may add a complexity to test.

    3) Mess up UX/UI - Hybrid app development provides a lot of flexibility, and which results in easy creation and working that subsequently makes it easier to mess up. Also, the Poor internet connectivity drives to a lacking UX.

    Example of hybrid mobile app

    With many demanding technologies and software that a hybrid app utilizes for the development of mobile apps, it has become the choice of many app developer and platforms. The apps that are under the name of hybrid app are listed below –

    • Twitter
    • Amazon app store
    • Instagram
    • Uber
    • Remote POS
    • Apple app store
    • Evernote
    • Sworkit
    • Baskin Robbins
    • Gmail

    Cost of hybrid mobile app development

    Development of any types of mobile app depends upon wide range factors such as development platform, the location, the complexity app and the scalability of the app and many from small to large.

    With considering all the major factors for the hybrid app development, the cost of development ranges between $5000 – $1, 00,000. And it takes Approximately 200 – 5000 hours for the development of a mobile app.

    Hybrid mobile app development Framework

    Hybrid mobile app development Framework

    1) Flutter

    Flutter offers a chance to the developers to constructs the mobile apps which will have a high-productive value since it writes a single codebase for Android and iOS. It develops a space for developers to challenge their creativity and create a highly creative UIs with dynamic designs. Flutter also allows compelling interactions which direct to the creation of exclusive MVPs (prototypes). That is reason behind the big brands ought Flutter to develop their mobile apps.

    Advantages of Flutter-

    • Very Smooth unorthodox UI/UX designs.
    • Excellent choice for MVP
    • Unique code writing
    • Provides individual self-widgets
    • Effectively Fast 

    Disadvantages of Flutter-

    • Need of profile data completion for iOS 
    • Apps designed by flutter are bigger in size than native apps.
    • New - Developers need to learn Dart.
    • Some features have limited support

    Official Website of Flutter-


    2) React Native

    Hybrid mobile app developed as an interface of web development platform in year 2013. In 2015, Facebook officially released React Native as framework for Hybrid app development. With Hybrid app React Native got very good reputation in recent years. Many choose React Native against ionic. Expert says that React Native gives native-like experience to the hybrid app users. React Native is one of the Best Programming Language For Mobile App Development. React Native has a great capability to become one of the best frameworks for hybrid mobile app development in years to come.

    Advantages of React Native-

    • Costs saving with code reuse
    • Provide Native app like code
    • Node.js supported in react native
    • Bugs can be identified easily.
    • Takes very less time for the development process.

    Disadvantages of React Native-

    • Needs more accessing to hardware components
    • Lack in navigation components.
    • Have fewer custom modules.

    Official Website of React Native-


    3) PhoneGap

    PhoneGap is called as Apache Cordova which is supported by the Cordova framework and Adobe. PhoneGap is one of the best and on top framework for Hybrid app. PhoneGap offers a convenient cross-platform with just single code for all platforms. It reduces the work of developers and provides them with less budgets. PhoneGap has some very notable features such as max access to Native APIs, strong backend support, UI libraries, etc. Majorly, it has Adobe’s support.

    Advantages of PhoneGap-

    • Easy & quick to learn
    • Agreeable to a single codebase for all the platforms like iOS, Android, and Windows 7 
    • Strong backend system
    • Extremely flexible 
    • Cost effective and time saver.

    Disadvantages of PhoneGap-

    • Apps are comparatively slower
    • Popular between smaller businesses
    • Fewer UI widgets

    4) Xamarin

    Xamarin has become one of the intelligent frameworks used by mobile app developers. Xamarin is written using C# with has many improved features over Java and Objective-C. Xamarin include Java, C++, and Objective-C which makes it unique from other framework. Xamarin has huge libraries semblance. Xamarin is used for development of hybrid apps for iOS, Android, and Windows. It has proved itself capable of giving an equal performance and UX of a native app.

    Advantages of Xamarin-

    • Many learning opportunities
    • High performance without getting unstable
    • Place cross-platform development
    • Fast prototyping
    • Amazing code sharing and maintenance & code sharing
    • And have features of UI of Native app.

    Disadvantages of Xamarin-

    • Highly expensive
    • Xamarin is not known by many developers
    • Lag during API support
    • Not a best choice for game development.

    Official Website of Xamarin-


    5) Iconic

    In 2021, Ionic is considered to be the most popular frameworks. The front-end is built on height of AngularJS and Cordova involving APIs of Shadow DOM and Custom Elements. With Ionic, developers find it easy to develop Progressive Web Apps. Learning Ionic is very quick task for developers and makes enjoyable for them to use while developing app’s framework. It also enables developers to create amazing designs and representations in the apps. Ionic mobile hybrid framework will help a developer reach a successful height.

    Advantages of Iconic-

    • Apps created are with easy updates
    • Less time consuming, fast and quick
    • Has native app like functionalities
    • A wide range of UI components
    • Creative layouts
    • Popular than others

    Disadvantages of Iconic-

    • No excessive reloading
    • Plugin dependent
    • Not for heavy apps

    Get complete details of what technology framework is used to build hybrid nobile apps

    Hybrid vs. Native Mobile App Development

    Hybrid Mobile App development -

    • Constructed with web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
    • Framework like react native can design native app like app.
    • Through cross-platform compatibility, hybrid is capable of Achieving greater productivity of development.
    • Overall, of development app of hybrid is less than development of native app.
    • Supports the features of Native app.
    • Hybrid app can run offline too.

    Native mobile app Development -

    • Constructed for a specific mobile operating system such as Android and iOS.
    • Better Performance and high security.
    • Expensive for development.
    • Have all advanced features for development of mobile app.
    • Re-coding is required in different languages to port in another device.

    Popular tools for building hybrid apps

    The Popular tools for building hybrid apps are the frameworks

    • Ionic
    • React Native
    • Flutter
    • PhoneGap
    • Xamarin
    • Native Script
    • Kendo UI
    • Framework7
    • Aurelia
    • Onsen UI

    As native apps for iOS and Android are ideal because they are capable of operating for both the platforms, hybrid mobile app technology is evolving, time saving and cost-efficient which makes it best option for mobile app development. High powered frameworks of hybrid app have made it stand in front of native app and has given user the feel of native app. Developers opt for one of these frameworks and best quality hybrid app and long running in market. Developer knows how to use easy and creative frameworks of hybrid app to make it work excellent in user’s hand.

    Hybrid have web-based frameworks, which use HTML, JavaScript, and CSS of front-end technology, also have support of cross-platform frameworks which choose any a programming language and turn it into native code for the mobile device. The frameworks of Hybrid mobile app work quick, just like traditional application frameworks. It contains libraries of code, APIs, and other features to make app faster and easier.

    Career in Hybrid mobile app development

    a) Jobs in Hybrid Mobile App development

    At present, there are 1.4 billion active Android app Devices in the world, and Android is leading the market with its 82 international market tie-ups. Similarly, there are 1 billion active iOS development devices in the world.

    With this count, the developers can estimate the number of jobs in the mobile app development market. Seeing the current scenario, developers have a great opportunities and experts says that this market will continue to grow in near future.

    b) Future of Hybrid mobile app development

    After a massive lockdown and break from all sort of activities, people have got connected to their mobile device like anything than before. The research studies have proven that the mobile industries are growing more rapidly and will continue to grow so. Thus, the future of any mobile app development is on brighter side. Therefore, there is a great and major opportunities in mobile app developments sectors.


    The best thing about hybrid app is that it is the combination of both the popular apps – Native and Web. The developers do not have to think much to choose hybrid as it offers wide range of tools and frameworks for the development of any kind of mobile app. It also has all types of programming language support, API, design and UI / UX to attract the users towards it. In short it can be the best choice if developers grab it.

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