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    Different Types Of Mobile Apps & How To Choose One From Different Types of Mobile Apps

    Last updated on 14 Jan 2022

    What is mobile app development ?

    Mobile app development is for the creation of software which is planned to run on mobile devices and to take advantage of unique features of that product. The developers use many different types of app development to create variety of such dynamic apps. For this developers are using technology and applications such as - native app, cross platform app, progressive web app and hybrid web app. A mobile application uses the network connection to run with computing resources.

    In smartphones market, there are two major platforms – iOS and Android. The iOS platform is the operating system of the most popular Apple – iPhone smartphones.  The android platform is the operating system of the most using google and OEMs device. There are similarities between both the mobile app development platform. Although Apple only uses iOS for its devices but google offer android to all the companies who need it, if certain requirements are been fulfilled. The requirements are – involving Google in their mobile app development.  

    Mobile app development depends on majorly on working of – Front end and Back end. The application of front end depends on mobile devices and the services pf back end supports the front end.

    Why mobile app development is important ?

    Mobile application statistics graph is growing day by day. Its users are increasing day by day.

    Mobile App Statistics

    • There are around 6.3 billion mobile phone users. And the count is still increasing day by day and will to increase.
    • Similarly, there are 1.14 billion tablet users and its user is also growing each day.
    • If we look around us, every human being is on his/her mobile phones and 88% of their time they are spending on mobile applications.
    • it is a profitable thing for the app developers and publishers, if people are spending more and more time on apps. But in order to get profit app developers and publishers need to keep two factors in mind
      ~ People should download the app and
      ~People should use the app.
    • Mobile Apps are expected to create a revenue of about $935 billion by 2023.
    • 21% Millennial’s go on the mobile app more than 50 times in a day.
    • 69% usual people go on their mobile app around 15 times in a day.
    • There are 1.96 million apps available on iOS store to download.
    • And, 2.87 million apps available on android store to download.
    • A normal smartphone user uses 10 apps each day.

    Different Types of Mobile app development technology

    There are many different types of Mobile app development technology. And each one has different working and function features and models from other. Some of the Mobile app development technology with it description, advantages, disadvantages and examples will be discussing under this section.

    Different Types of Mobile app development

    Names of Such different types of mobile app development technology are

    • Native App
    • Hybrid App
    • Web App


    Native app development is process of creation a mobile application particular to a single Platform. As we know, iOS and android are the two major platforms, our other mobile app development will revolve around them. 

    Programming languages and tools are used to write the native mobile app. Android Applications developers uses Java and Kotlin for app development whereas iOS application developers use Objective C and Swift for their app development. The framework of Native mobile app is provided by the platform owner itself by which it can work directly on the operating system of android and iOS. That means Android Native applications can not work on iOS nor iOS native application will work on Android.

    Native app’s notable feature is its run time performance and direct access to API devices

    Advantages of Native app

    • Since native application create particular and specific single platform and use programming languages, it gets supports of hardware and operating system wholly. That is why it gives Flawless performance.
    • Native app offers its developer consistent and superior UI [user interface] and UX [user experience].
    • Native apps give direct access to all the features of device and its operating system.
    • Native app is independent on other mobile app development. Hence it does not have bugs.
    • Native app is very easy to understand and test and efficient in finding errors.

    Disadvantages of Native app

    • As native app development creates single platform for the creation of each application, it becomes costly for the mobile app developers to use these different types of mobile app development technology.
    • Native app does not use single code base for multiple platforms. Therefore, it takes more time for development than other mobile app development technology.
    • Native app development is quite a complex task. Hence needs skilled mobile app developers.

    Examples of Native app

    • Facebook and React Native
    • Facebook Ads Manager and React Native
    • Instagram and React Native
    • Uber Eats and React Native
    • Pinterest and React Native.


    Hybrid apps are created using multiple tools so that it can reuse the same app code in the mobile app developments. This facilitates the developer to create applications without writing the code. But such developed app is neither natives nor web apps.

    The view and feel of application are affected by the rendering effect. It looks entirely different when we open the mobile application in web. Here, solving the look view feel, hybrid app enables the app to open in another separate application interface.

    Standard web technologies are required for the development of Hybrid web app. CSS, HTML and JavaScript is needed for the Hybrid mobile app development. 

    Advantages of HYBRID APP

    • Hybrid web app creates multiple app at the same it. It writes the codes for app once. Hence it saves time for mobile app development.
    • As Hybrid web app creates multiple app at once, it reduces the cost of development.
    • Hybrid web app do not require update every time a new operating system is introduced. It can work with new to newest version. Hence, such type of mobile app development is reliable.
    • Hybrid app can be downloaded on both iOS and android platform as hybrid can work with multiple platforms. Therefore, it is Platform assistance.

    Disadvantages of HYBRID APP

    • Hybrid web app do not offer smooth working and performance. Hence hybrid app show glitches.
    • For using any hybrid app, user has to first go to browser to type URL. Which makes hybrid app browser dependent.
    • Since, Hybrid app codes once and use for several platforms, it faces the problem in debugging. 
    • Hybrid applications does not offer good quality graphics images.

    Examples of HYBRID APP

    • Evernote
    • Baskin Robbins
    • Pacifica
    • Remote POS
    • Uber
    • Email

    3) WEB APP

     A web app is a type of software application that is provided on internet. Web app uses web browser and technology to operate. Web application is majorly written and coded in web languages such as JavaScript and HTML. Some of such web application needs specific server to process and some do not.

    The web application needs a web server to fulfil the requests of user, web application server to run requested task, and, a database for storing the information. A single web app can run over the operating system of both iOS and Android.  

    Advantages of Web App

    • Web applications uses HTML and CSS programming languages for its development.
    • Web application do not need any installation because it works over web browser, hence needs no space limitation.
    • No app installation hence no update requires.
    • No theft of Subscriptions based application. Hence reduction in software piracy.
    • It works on web browser hence no cost expenses.

    Disadvantages of Web App

    • Since web applications directly run-on web browser, therefore internet is always required.
    • Single web app can run over the operating system of both platforms, if either of the platform’s website is not responsive, then user might face problem.
    • Due to hardware features active on device, the web app user may face easy access problem.

    Examples of Web App

    • Lancome
    • Trivago
    • Alibaba
    • Twitter lite
    • Makemytrip.

    Choosing from different types of mobile app development

    So far, we have seen that there are two most popular platforms – iOS and Android. Mobile app developer has so many options for developing different types of mobile application. But sometimes it creates a confusion for them to choose what and which type of mobile application to develop next. Even the new developers face more complication to choose because each previously developed mobile app has the most dynamic features than others.

    So, lets discussed what factors to look after while Choosing from different types of mobile app development.

    When to Choose Native app

    • If you want make your app run over single platform, either iOS or Android.
    • If you want high graphics images, picture quality and games.
    • If you want to make your app fast, stable and high performing.
    • If you want your app to have access to both UI and UX.

    Consider Native app for creating different types of mobile app, if your app requirement is of single specific platform, with single codes and particular features and highly functioning.

    When to choose Hybrid app

    • If you want make you app run over both most using platforms – iOS and Android.
    • If you want to create multiple different types of mobile app without writing codes.
    • If you want your app to develop with low charges and maintenances.
    • If you want your app to have popular technologies like HTML and CSS.

    Consider hybrid app if you desire to create a mobile app which is supported by both operating system and do not need every time update. Creating different types of mobile app using hybrid app is cheaper, saves time and is more reliable.

    When to choose web app

    • If you want your app to reach to vast number of audiences over web browser.
    • If you want your app to be coded with HTML and JavaScript.
    • If you want your app to be free from malicious thefts and piracy.
    • If you want to give your operators a functioning of app over web browser.

    Consider web app to create different types of mobile app with update free and installation free browsing with low cost development and no space limitations.

    To make a choose is difficult, but as a developer you know what is best and which kind of mobile application will attracts your users and what your users will like and desire for.

    Native app VS hybrid app VS web app

    Native app Hybrid app Web app
    Single platform Multiple platform Multiple platform
    Apps are partially web based and app store. App store based Web based
    High cost Moderate cost Low cost
    Single code base Code for one use for more than one. Code for one use for multiple.
    High performance Low performance Performance is based on network connection.
    No programming language use Programming language – HTML, JavaScript & CSS Programming language – HTML & CSS
    Faster and reliable Faster and reliable Slower and non-reliable


    Mobile application, different types of mobile app development, its functioning and features development has become a topic of GROWTH. In this article we have discussed about various different types of mobile app, its development, its working and functioning. Each type of app and its making and working was different from others. We have also seen the statics of usage of mobile app.

    People of all age groups are using mobile phones like anything. It has become a major part of our daily life, especially after Covid-19, where everything to getting sell or buy over web services. Hence development of different types of mobile app is very necessary for easy life going.

    Now a days even a KG kid is learning to spell his name over mobile and its different types of mobile application. Even a shopping bills of adults are functioning over web. Moreover, the medical reports are getting sent over mobile application. Hence it is time where web developers and app developer can show their creativity and ROCK!

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