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    What exactly do a job consultants do ?

    The term "consultant" refers to a person who uses their expert knowledge in their profession to offer direction and advice to a firm or an individual. Consultants are the individuals who are hired by the company and paid according to their expertise and knowledge. The responsibilities of a consultant vary, but their main aim and purpose are to use their skill set strategies to grow the firm and make recommendations. Their overall purpose is to deliver and solve queries to specific business concerns to their clients. These services might range from extending or improving a certain aspect of their company to requiring skills to expand into emerging areas.

    A job consultant’s duties encompass sourcing applicants online, updating activity advertisements, and accomplishing historical past checks. If have got experience with diverse activity interview formats, consisting of cell phone screenings and group interviews, and can assist recruit faster and greater efficaciously, it means a lot to the firm.

    List of HR recruiter roles and responsibilities in consultancy

    List of HR recruiter roles and responsibilities

    1) Partnering with hiring managers to determine staffing needs

    The prime duty of a hiring manager is to fulfill and satisfy the needs of newly recruited staff members and for that, he needs to partner up with the manager. The manager is the head of the team and somewhat of the office as well. Any and every decision will be approved and disapproved by him. Hence, to fulfill the needs of newcomers you need to pair up with the old person and plan and decide what has to be done for a particular need and issue.

    2) Listen Properly requirements of recruiting companies

    Since you are the hiring manager it is your Role And responsibility that you provide the company with the perfect candidate for the role they are looking for. Hence for that, you have to note down, listen, and understand properly the requirements of the recruiting companies. Best service will help you grow in your job, for that you have to help the company whatever they have asked for. Unnecessary recruitments will create problems for the company as well as for you.

    3) Prepare Job Description

    Preparation of description is an important factor where the successful HR recruiter plays a major role in. Preparing a job description is a must for the candidate who is joining the company, so that, he or she will be well aware of the task and responsibility, he or she has to perform at the company. The job description should be prepared before the interview, so only a fit candidate sends their application and should be sent with an offer letter as well.

    4) Sourcing potential candidates from various online channels (e.g., social media and professional platforms like Linkedin and Behance)

    Hiring Manager is the one who selects a candidate came for an interview. He is the one who shortlists the applications and takes interviews and tests. Sourcing potential candidates is key of HR recruiter roles and responsibilities. Hence, the hiring manager should take care to hire source potential candidates from various online channels. The hired or recruited candidate should be able to excel in his channel as well as should own a piece of knowledge about another related field as well. The hired candidate must know about social media, and professional platforms like ‘Linkedin and Behance’. All these factors should be considered by the hiring manager and add to his role and duty.

    5) Screen incoming resumes and application forms

    As soon as the job recruitment announcement comes out, several candidates apply for the jobs, send their resume and CV, and ask queries about the job and related stuff. Well, it is the responsibility of the hiring manager to check on the incoming resumes and application forms for the jobs and also daily update and record track is a must. It is his duty to shortlist the candidates for the next step, that is, to interview and select the potential candidate and eliminate the unnecessary ones. However, screening of all the incoming resumes and application is crucial, so that, no better is missed and lost.

    6) Conduct Interviews, Background Screening, and Orientation

    Once screening the incoming resumes and application forms by the candidate, the next task for the hiring manager is to conduct an interview for the shortlisted candidate, followed by a background screening and orientation. Each step eliminates a number of candidates.

    At the time of the interview, a maximum number of candidates are rejected as their in-person quality does not fulfill the requirement of the role. After that, the selected candidate’s background is checked. In the background, past job experience, performance over there, and past qualifications and subjects are screened in detail and approved ones are sent for the final stage which is orientation. Orientation is nothing but a first day demo session for the selected candidate about the company, working, protocols, etc. All this is duties and responsibilities fall into the bag of the hiring manager.

    7) Shortlist the candidates

    When a recruitment post is announced many jobs application and resumes comes to the hiring manager. Now, it is the responsibility of the hiring manager to go through the received resumes and application forms for each role and shortlist the candidates. A Shortlist candidate is general means to approve the best-fit candidates and rejects the non-fit one.

    After short listing, the candidate, conducting the interview is the next task. Hence, the hiring manager should shortlist all fit and qualified candidates for the particular role.

    8) Schedules interviews with recruiting companies

    After shortlisting the candidate for the particular job role, the next task is to schedule the interviews of those candidates with the recruiting companies. Ultimately the recruiting company is the one who is take up the final call about the candidate. Many a time, the hiring manager plays an important role in interviews along with recruiting companies. Interview of the candidates with the company is also important so that the candidate will also get direct interaction with one of the persons from the company he or she is applying for.

    9) Build a Candidate Relationship

    Building a connection with a candidate is a very crucial hr recruiter roles because the hiring manager is the mediator of both sides. Hence gaining the trust of the candidate is the utmost responsibility of the hiring manager. Along with that making, a new candidate familiar with the company is also his duty and make him/her comfortable. In case of any issue with the place and work, the candidate will definitely knock on the door of the managing director for help and a solution. Thus, good relationship building is a must.

    10) Follow up with candidate and company

    In between the time period of selection for the interview to interview, the hiring manager has to keep a follow-up on the candidate. On the other side, he has to keep an update about the working process of the company so that company does not lose a note of new recruitment and delays it. Hence, following up with candidates and the company is a crucial part of the hiring manager’s duty.

    11) Negotiation with the candidate and/or company if required

    The term ‘negotiation’ arises mostly from the candidate’s side. The hiring manager has to play a role over there as well. Whether it is the negotiation of the company to individual or individual to company. Negotiate and lock the deal up.

    12) Joining with company

    The end part where a hiring manager a role is the candidate joining the company. His role and duty start from screening the application form of candidates and end when the company joins the company and starts working. The hiring manager will take up his next task when the previously selected candidates join the company and start their job. Once the candidate join the company, now the role of HR Executive comes into play. As a HR you must have knowledge of basic difference between in HR Executive And Recruiter.


    The job, role, duty, and responsibility of a hiring manager or a consultant look easy and cool but is very difficult. More than difficult is it hectic. One must hold so much patience and courage to handle both the company and the candidate. The above mentioned are the major factors that play a crucial part in the life and role of a hiring manager and consultant.

    Following are the responsibilities of a job consultant :

    • Create a job description and keep a constant update for the same.
    • Recruit and manage potential candidates from various online as well offline sectors.
    • Revert recruiting emails to potential candidates.
    • Keep an update on incoming resumes and recruitment forms.
    • Set up an interview for the incoming resumes and candidates through phone, video, and in-person.
    • Prepare interview tests for applicants, such as numerical, language, and logical reasoning tests
    • Advertise job openings on the company’s website page, social media, job boards, etc.
    • Send shortlists of selected candidates to the hiring manager
    • Send job offer letter emails and answer queries to the candidates and selected applicants.
    • Participate in job fairs on behave of your company and host in-house recruitment programs
    • Meet managers and plan strategy to identify future hiring needs
    • Be a consultant to new candidates and help them onboard.

    roles and responsibilities of hr recruiter

    The requirements and skills needed are as follows :

    • Past good work experience as a job consultant and similar role.
    • Should have a knowledge about Applicant Tracking Systems and resume databases
    • Experience in sourcing & researching techniques
    • Must have an understanding of referral programs
    • Most important, he/she should have solid verbal and written communication skills
    • On point and sound judgment quality
    • MBA in Human Resources Management, Graduation in Organizational Psychology, or another related relevant field

    Different Types of Consulting Firms and Services

    A consulting firms can provide multiple of the primary to advance consulting services within the industry.

    These consulting services include:

    1) Strategy Consulting

    Strategy consulting is a type of management consulting wherein methods are advised to companies in a selection of industries using sturdy industry knowledge. It is to advantage of the nice effects on critical commercial enterprise selections that have an effect on profitability and operations. Strategy experts may go at the very best level of an employer across every enterprise in public or non-public region companies to resolve an extensive range of conditions. Often, skilled method consultants have time to offer a degree of knowledge that during-residence teams do no longer while taking over especially important commercial enterprise tasks.

    A strategy consultant has to:

    • Monitors commercial enterprise conditions
    • Advises on approach
    • Assesses offers
    • Prepares & gives presentations

    2) Management Consulting

    Management consulting is an international enterprise centered on helping agencies operate successfully. A management representative, or management analyst, presents an outdoor attitude on problem fixing, first-class practices, and methods to help agencies enhance their performance. Management consulting covers an extensive variety of industries and commercial enterprise needs. Some specialists concentrate on non-profits, health care, or finance. Some paintings on issues like variety and inclusion, even while others attention to records generation or advertising and marketing approaches. If you experience research and hassle fixing, you could discover control consulting as a satisfying career.

    3) IT Consulting

    As a company's owner, you want to invest in, will help you to acquire your enterprise desires. With every decision, there may be dozens of options to pick out from. You want to ensure you select those generation solutions so as to maximum gain your enterprise. IT infrastructure consulting ensures that the technology you spend money on nowadays will first-class contribute to meeting the destiny dreams of the business enterprise.

    IT consulting, and IT consulting employers will provide hard answers to these sorts of questions, sponsored by way of metrics:

    • A A How profitable is your IT infrastructure?
    • How desirable is the performance of the network?
    • What’s your network’s ability?
    • If you do invest in the new generation, what will be the results? What may be the advantage to your operations?

    4) Financial Consulting

    Financial consulting is a provider supplied by way of Certified Financial Consultants® to large companies, government organizations, and personal clients. The function of a monetary consultant is to offer an impartial, expert opinion on a proposed business plan or choice. There are two fundamental sorts of economic consulting: business and personal.

    Companies who require know-how in accounting, finance, insurance, and other aspects of finance lease a commercial enterprise economic representative. Individual customers use the services of monetary specialists to manage their investments, asset holdings, and lengthy-term financial plans. The skills required for these two roles are barely exceptional, as are the customer expectancies.

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