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    Last updated on 13 Jun 2021

    Recruiting is a general process that happens once or when there are vacancies that arise for the various job roles in a company. Today most of the organization use human resource post to market their product. In most cases, the HR recruiters are hired as temporary employees to hire people for various departments. Here are some of the significant difference between HR recruiter and HR executive.

    Recruiter is not responsible for making job roles whereas HR execute does

    Mainly when a job role is decided, or any of the company's vacancies arise, the HR department got notified about it through the management team. HR executives are the people who got the job description from the manager; hence the HR recruiter is not related to conducting any job role. The HR executive only assigns them to fill up vacancies with suitable candidates once the vacancy arises.

    The Recruiter is Responsible for reaching out to people with Job roles allowed by HR.

    A recruiter is a person who reaches out to people with different modes such as job portals, newspaper and social media. There are maximum numbers of chances to reach out to people with the following method. The HR recruiters involved in publishing job updates and vacancies once they get exact data from the HR department

    HR executives allocate the Recruiting resource while Recruiter test the Candidates

    HR executives allocate the Recruiter with the recruiting information and the need of the job role. In contrast, the Recruiter works towards conducting any interview round or process. For example, getting candidates from the team to take care of the technical round and testing the candidate's potential take them to the hiring process. This all part is conducted by HR recruiters.

    HR executes looks after the job role in employee whereas the Recruiter looks after the recruitment process of the various rounds.

    The recruiters play a very crucial part in the hiring process just like recruiters are responsible for the selection process to form the filtering the resume to the final interview, the primary and final round is done by the HR executives, just like discussing salary part to any queries related to the job role are handled by HR executive team

    HR executive takes the Training and development part whereas Recruiter is responsible for Verification

    The entire human resource management is mainly responsible for training the staff before they get to start the direct work in the organization. The organization conducts various training and development programs to undergo the job roles and responsibilities of a candidate.

    difference between HR executive and recruiter

    Recruiters can be Temporary people or staff during the selection period.

    In many organizations, job vacancies happen only in the trimester or sometimes when there is an urgent need for staff. The recruiter job can be part-time based in such cases. So the either they can be external hired people or part-time employees of the company. At the same time, the HR department takes care of recruiting and allocates the significant task to the recruitment team, which creates a difference between the HR recruiter and the HR executive.

    The Recruiter is responsible for the Document verification and educating the clients about the recruitment process.

    Educating the clients about the recruitment process and describing the job role to the candidate is one of the most crucial roles played by the Recruiter. It mostly happens after the document verification process. Whereas if we look upon the HR executive skills, we will get to know that they are primarily involved in the final profit of the candidate instead of getting involved in the selection process.

    Recruiters shortlist Candidates and send their application to HR executives.

    The significant difference between HR recruiter and HR executive is that the recruiters take care of the database of sorting of the candidates and maintain the applicant tracking system. Based on the database created by HR, the recruiting team aligns with their assigned work.

    Most of the Recruiters are a subdivision of the HR department.

    Mainly the recruiting team comes under the HR department of any organization. The Pay rate of Recruiting team is decided by the management, which comes under the HR department. The human resource department designates them for hiring suitable candidate for the company.

    Duties toward the particular field

    Majorly the recruiting department is made for choosing and sorting the eligible candidate to the company. They go through many resumes and applications every day to sort the right person for the vacancies. In contrast, if we look forward to the HR department, we can know that they are a multitasking person from recruiting duties and handle other responsibilities such as training and development programs for the employees, managing the workforce, and creating a healthy environment. Usually, the HR executives take the action that the department requires, and at the same time, they are responsible for the selection process. These all-important things create the difference between an HR recruiter and an HR executive. 

    qualities of hr manager

    Final Sum-up 

    Hiring the right staff for the company is a very crucial task hence it requires a lot of patience and hard work. Both the HR recruiter and Executives have different roles and responsibilities, which creates a significant difference between the HR recruiter and HR executive. Even without any technical knowledge, they are very pressurized job. If you are looking forward to a short-term-based job, then Recruiting can be a very great offer for you also you can also earn an extra incentive in it. Both are the excellent carrier choice as you can be a permanent employee or Recruiter of a company if you perform better or become specialized in the recruitment process. Both profiles share a pervasive perspective of choosing the right candidate for the organization; hence, HR recruiter and HR executive are essential for boosting any company's productivity.

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