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    Last updated on 26 Mar 2021

    In this post-pandemic world consumers are seeking out content, now more than ever. And businesses want to tap into sales in the most inexpensive ways. Both worlds have something to gain from each other.

    Video is the exact place where these two worlds collide.

    Why video marketing is so important in 2021?

    Here are some facts:

    • Hubspot says that by surpassing blogs and infographics, video content is now the most commonly used format in content marketing.
    • Another report at Oberlo states that out of every 100 video marketers, 87 say that video content has dramatically increased traffic to their website.
    • A survey at Wyzowl shows that people are twice as likely to share video content with their friends as any other type of content.
    • The survey also states that out of every 100 brands 93 got a new customer because of a video on social media.

    It directly increased their sales.

    The figures above give you a very clear picture as to just how crucially important a video marketing campaign be for your digital marketing success.

    As more and more countries continue to implement new restrictions to counter the never-ending COVID-19 waves video content will only continue to grow exponentially in 2021.

    How can you use video marketing for your business?

    To do video marketing the correct way you need to have a well-planned and figured-out video marketing strategy. It plays a crucial role in your success.

    It is going to be your video marketing strategy that will be guiding you to decide your timelines, conversation metrics, budget, production processes, and a lot more.

    In this detailed comprehensive guide, we have covered almost every single aspect that you will be needing in your video marketing journey.

    Here are some things that you will need to take care of:

    1.Figure out your video goals

    The outlining of your video goals is the first step towards creating a successful video strategy.

    The rule of the thumb is to create a new video for every other stage of your marketing funnel. Although in the beginning, you should try to figure out which stage is the most important for your desired target.

    Here are some of the important stages to consider:

    • Decision: Before anything you need to present to your customer the proof of customer satisfaction because for success you need to prove that your product or service is worthwhile.
    • Awareness: In this stage, you define the challenges and opportunities that are in front of you. It’s important to attract an existing audience and introduce your brand to a new audience.
    • Execution: At this stage, the viewer decideds just exactly how the problem that he or she is faced with will get solved. They begin by asking for recommendations then they move to research and finally watch the product reviews.

    2.Locate your target audience

    Now is the time to figure out what your target audience is as you have decided which stage of the marketing funnel you will be targeting.

    This is considered to be a very crucial stage.

    Your video campaign is very likely to derail out of the track if you aren’t targeting a very specific group of audiences. As there are a lot of people out there. Each has its own interests.

    The most recommended way to tackle this problem is by developing a buyer’s person.There’s an app called Xtensio that lets you create free web-based personas. It’s very simple to use.

    Here is a list of things that you must have figured out:

    • Who the product of service is intended for?
    • Purpose of the video that you will be circulating
    • Places where your target audience hangs out

    3.Find the stories you want to tell

    Essentially your video is going to be telling a story. And you want to make sure that it's captivating and engaging at the same time. Remember that most people are after quick fixes.

    They want things quick.

    So try to keep your video short.

    Here’s an effective framework that you can follow to create a lasting impression on your audience:

    • Goal and the protagonist: The thing to note here is that the person aligns with the demographics that you are targeting.
    • Pain Points: These are very crucially important and should be kept in the mind with regards to your target audience.
    • Quest: This refers to the way you present and introduce your service.
    • Resolution: The way your video solves the problem is referred to as the resolution of the video.

    4.Creativity should get a big focus

    The people who will be managing your videos should be kept in mind. It can be your company’s founder, your manager, or the marketing department itself.

    The feedback time should be carefully taken into account.

    You should be aware that there can be sudden changes in your goals, scripting, or messaging framework. They are all very common and happen more frequently than you might be thinking.

    You can look up your great creative guides online. You can collaborate with your entire team and manage your creative feedback.

    It is necessary to keep everyone together and focused on a single goal rather than each individual having their own unique goals. In the long run, it creates problems for you and your entire team.

    5.Be disciplined with your timings

    In the process of planning your video distribution and formulating your creative ideation don’t forget to go off your schedule. Always stick to the timeline that you have made.

    Try to have multiple production timelines, overall timelines, and distribution timelines. It is the torch that guides you keeping you aligned with your goals.

    It also tells you how much is left and how much work you have actually covered. Many video creators slip on this one. So make sure you don’t do the same mistake.

    6.Create a realistic budget

    Money is the thing that runs the industry.

    Strategy and planning are important but you have to real and pragmatic. You need to have a prepared plan for your expenditure and investments.

    There could be many things that you have to outsource to other clients. Don’t hesitate to do it but only if it's necessary. You should have in mind what you can splurge on.

    The most important thing to know is where to save money from.

    Try to shop around as much as you can. Just do it figuratively. Get a rough idea about what your competitors are charging and plan ahead accordingly.

    You have to be very wise with your money because you know when you’re going to run out of it. Keep records in a maintained database. And run cross-checks every day.

    Certain projects can cost you more than some other projects. So to be sure you will have to research this before settling on a project. Have a roadmap of how you will go around it.

    Wrapping it up

    So that was it. Now is time to get started!

    Don’t waste a single minute. Because others are working day and night on their video marketing campaigns and generating huge revenues through them.

    Don’t lag behind. Video is the future of digital marketing.

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